Saturday, January 15, 2011

New field of research 1.5

I have some joy today as I’ve returned to a line of research. This will be a quick memo blog. The first part ended with this blog.

The Changes
I made some major changes in my systems just to return to this matter. First to go, was the Gen3 electronics. In hindsight I couldn’t recommend them to anyone. IMHO, they suffer from EMI issues, among in general being a poor design.

Next to go was the PTFE insulator. I’ve replaced the hot end with a peek only compact hot end from MakerGear.

more to come in 2.0

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Jury isn’t out

In 2010 the community received a wake up call in the Up printer. It wasn’t rocket science that was the wake up call. The basic ideas and concepts of the UP printer were all out there. It took the Up designers to fine tune the ideas into a project.

Parts of the community have learned from the UP printer. Quality and speed don’t have to be sacrificed for production.

2011 brings with it the hopes of continuous improvements in quality, and speed for our Repraps.

While some have come to dismiss the Prusa Mendel, they miss many of the features that make this simple design worthy of replacing the “Classic” Mendel. Let’s face the facts; the “Classic” Mendel is now an old design of 2008-09. The Prusa Mendel moves us forward late 2010 forward.

While many continue to argue the merits of the “Classic” Mendel vs the Prusa Mendel, they just need to catch up to the moving front, as the Jury has come back in. The replacement for the “Classic” Mendel is the Prusa Mendel.