Sunday, November 22, 2009

Quick Ideas: E-Circuits

Been reading and watching videos dealing with Makerbot, RepRap etc. Great group of people and it looks like some of my crazy ideas might be helpful.

Problem: Looking for a way to build electrical circuits via a bot. The methods of choice seem to be melting solider etc.

Idea: (KISS) Keep it simple, electronic ink is the way to go. Saw the early work done by E-Ink (Former Motorola), and others. The basic idea is to print conductive paths with conductive ink. This can be accomplished via any known printing method. For this 3D printer project, the ink jet should more than do the job.

This this idea workable? Yes

Many brand new products are coming off the line using this technology.
E-readers, and a new technology I can't wait to purchase and watch TV on, OLED.

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