Saturday, January 12, 2013

CES 2013 3D Printer Companies

Makerbot and 3D Systems booths

A showdown is starting to form The MakerBot vs Cubify brands !

Makerbot had a booth that was located with a large Marvel brand wall behind them. This caused a lot of bumping into people trying to get past the booth.


Cubify Brand  They are showing they wish to be a big player in this market,  and will spend the money to get there.

Cubify had two booths for 2013. One very expensive booth located around the corner from the very large Sony booth, and the 2nd booth located in the other Convention space.

From the first booth.


The 2nd booth was extremely well planned, and even spacious,  Some space was available for  a person to sit down and watch the printers.  Further it was located right near the entrance to that section of the floor. You couldn’t miss the Cubify booth walking in, manned by bfb/Cubify people .


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