Tuesday, December 1, 2009

5th Generation PCB Terms and Use

Overview and new terms for use
I’ve received a great deal of interest in this so I’ve released a draft “drawing” and material, sorry about the mess.

IWire Rap

IWire Rap = Insertion Wire Wrap Process used by RepRap building.

Wire wrap = Wire wrap is a technique for constructing circuit boards without having to have a printed circuit board manufactured. It can be made by hand or by machine, and can be hand-modified afterwards.

Insertion process = process for composite builds. Information located in this blog

Wire wrap + Insertion process = IWire Rap

RepRap Build Modes: “Fill mode”, “Insulate mode”, “Track mode”

Insulate Layer =ABS plastic materials, non conductive layers
Insertion Layer = conductive materials.
2D Insertion Layer = Flat Foil type builds made of conductive materials.
3D Insertion Layer = Round wire type builds conductive materials.

External connection = Conductive Material open to contact outside world
Internal connection = conductive material in contact with other conductive material(s)
Insulated connection = ABS plastic materials used in “Insulate mode” in contact with other conductive material(s) used.
Assembly connection = ABS plastic materials used in “Fill mode” to assist build process the hold down during a build composite insertion materials. Contact with other conductive material(s) used Insulate mode.
Track connection = the pathway, track, or trace area where any of the Insertion Layers can be placed during a build.

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