Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quick Idea: Instant Proto PCB boards??

Seen this screen printer advertised in the local newspaper. Have kinda kept in the back of my mind for a look see one day.

Well today was the day as looking for something else on Ebay I found the lazy mans way to “look see” and did a quick double click for the video. http://http//
The video is great and the system looks great for an Ebay price of $200 US.

Now if I had my RepRap up and running I could run with a lot of ideas. Just need to find the right conductive ink and maybe some different screens?

This manufacturer is very creative with re-spinning old technology into new products, and every thing made of plastic, hint, hint.
Die cutting – Embossing, Knitting– needlecrafts, electronic cutting.


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