Thursday, December 24, 2009

Quick Idea: Rulez for the serious RepRaper

As I review the documentation for assembly of a RepRap, many questions come to mind. As a new year approaches its good to review, rethink, redo. So I’ve come up with my list...

1) Focus on the end product the "Quality of the Build".
2) Vibration is a killer…. Less vibration equals higher quality finished builds.
3) No metal on metal contact, unless absolutely necessary Got a use for those scraps now!
4) Greater frame mass doesn’t necessary equal a stronger frame, and translate into a better build.
5) Weight balance of the frame design might be better than greater mass.
6) Top heavy vs bottom heavy designs? Better at least balance your side to side weight or your adding to the problem.
7) Why all this metal? The beauty of plastic is to combine parts for less assembly.
8) They make Nylon washers don’t they?
9) Why aren’t rubber or plastic type washers used with laser cut Acrylic parts,.... can you say crack?

Food for thought?

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