Wednesday, December 2, 2009

5th Generation What is it?

5th Generation RepRap Technology?

Currently its taken from 2005-Now to achive a level of quality operation with RepRap technology, with enhancements ongoing.

My hope is to kickstart, and bypass 1-2 generations of enhancements to the technology and achive 5th Generation technology. It can be done, just takes the time and will power to do it.

Taking my ideas and concepts and applying them ALL leapfrogs any current technologies. Apply them all directly to the current 3rd Generation “Mendel” design. Mendel becomes obsolete, with a new beast inside of it!

We made 5th Generation Technology without any major redesigns. No tool changer or second extruder needed.

Mendel becomes:
Vastly stronger, Smarter, Cheaper to build, and adds many new features in the upgrade.

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